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MCO Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal is a form of metal stock made by shearing a metal plate in a press, so that the metal stretches, leaving diamond-shaped voids but is left intact at the "knuckles". The most common method of manufacture is to simultaneously slit and stretch the metarial with one motion. Available in a variety of thickness with differing sizes and designs of the mesh.

Aluminium Expanded Metal

Manufacture using high commercial grade aluminium sheet grade AA 1100 - H 14.

Stainless Steel Expanded Metal

Manufactured using high SS 304 grade for highly corrosive environment.

Mild Steel Expanded Metal

Manufactured using high quality low carbon steel complying to JIS G 3131 SPHC. Normally hot - dipped galvanised to BS 729:1971 for anti - corrosion.

Powder Coated Expanded Metal

All Expanded Metal can be powder coated for decorative and chemical resistance application. A wide range of colour selection is available upon request.

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Alcomaxx Composite Panel

Alcomaxx are used in decorating heavy curtain of the building, furnishing both, walls outside and inside of new and old buildings, decorating wallboard of tunnels, indication board, front wall and the bodies of automobiles, ships and machines and for use as industrial material.

Application Scope

1) Building exterior curtain walls
2) Decoration and renovation additions for      old buildings.
3) Decoration of interior walls
4) Wallboards and ceilings for tunnels
5) Industrial materials, meterials for vechiles and boats.

Product Information

Alcomaxx brand aluminium composite panel is a new type of building material presenting the tendency of the future. With fluro-carbon resin (PVDF) roasting painting of rolling type on the front layer, the weather resistance is over 10 years.


Alcomaxx is easily formed into any desired shape. The reversed side is routed and panel folded. Routing is performed using 1 of the 3 tools shown.

Fire rated compound core

* Advaced technology
* Versatile wall cladding
* LIghtweight and cost effective
* Easy to install
* To ensure colour consistency

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Aluminium Products

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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Coil

Size : 0.6mm x 1219mm, 1.0mm x 1219mm

Stainless Steel Sheet

Size              : 1219mm x 2438mm
Thickness    : 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm

Stainless Steel Band

Size: 0.5mm x 13mm

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V-Tech Silicone Sealant

Single-component, high-performance neutral or acetic cure silicone sealant formulated to have superior adhesion and durability in a wide range of construction, industrial, automotive, and household applications. These silicone sealants meet the high expectations of sealant performance, and have been tested in accordance with various induatrial standards like ISO11600, ASTM C920, and Low VOC. They have excellent resistance to weathering, UV radiation, vibration, moisture, ozone, temperature extremes, airborne pollutants and many cleaning detergents and solvents. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

VT-200 Multi Purpose Sealant

Color                 Black, Clear, White, Bronze, Grey

Content             300 ml 

Carton Qty        24 catridges/carton

VT-201 All Purpose Sealant

Color                 Black, Clear, White, Aluminium, Grey

Content             280 ml 

Carton Qty        24 catridges/carton

VT-202 GP Sealant

Color                 Black, Clear, White

Content            240 ml 

Carton Qty       24 catridges/carton

VT-210 High Performance Sealant

Color                 Black, White, Aluminium, Dark Bronze, Dark Grey, Grey, Translucent

Content            300 ml (cartridge), 600 g (sausage)

Carton Qty        20 sausage/ carton, 24 catridges/carton

VT-211 Weatherproofing Sealant

Color                 Matt Black, Matt Grey, Matt White

Content            300 ml (catridge). 800 ml (sausage)

Carton Qty         20 sausages/carton, 24 cartidges/carton

VT-218 / VT-218C Glass & Metal Sealant

Color                VT-218: Translucent, VT-218C: White, Black, Grey

Content            280 ml (VT-218C), 300 ml (VT-218)

Carton Qty        24 catridges/carton

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